First report on the end-of-life market for lithium-ion batteries:


Circular opportunities in the lithium-ion industry


How is the end-of-life value chain for lithium-ion batteries structured and how will it change from here?

Which are the leading companies and technologies in the lithium-ion recycling industry?

Which are the leading applications and players in the market for second life?

Which volumes of batteries and raw materials will be available in the market from today and to 2025?

Which opportunities and challenges are faced by key players in the market?

The report unveils surprising data showing how Europe and North America already is on its way to lose its recycling and refining industry to Asia. But also how the second use of electric vehicle batteries can become a completely new, and important, business for the automotive industry, turning car companies into energy companies.

The report contains detailed analysis of:

  • The structure and dynamics of the end-of-life industry

  • Current and future recycling market

  • Feasibility of second use and overview of current market

  • Battery and material volumes

The report contains data on:

  • Different types (application, chemistry, region) of lithium-ion batteries placed on the market 2000-2025

  • Different types (application, chemistry) lithium-ion batteries reaching end-of-life 2010-2025

  • Lithium-ion batteries (application, chemistry, region) available for recycling 2010-2025

  • Amount of lithium, cobalt and graphite from recycled batteries 2017-2025

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At Circular Energy Storage Research and Consulting we are tracking the end-of-life market for lithium-ion batteries on a daily basis. We keep track of volumes, players and technologies. We publish this in reports and in a soon to be launched subscription service.

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  • 1 hour consulting over phone either for presenting the report or answering questions and comment the finding

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Bloomberg, Charged, Mining and other media are quoting and writing about the report. Read what they say.

Who should read it?

  • Strategy, business and product developers as well as sustainability professionals in the battery, electronics and automotive industry

  • Investors in automotive, battery technology, commodities, energy and clean tech

  • Recyclers, raw material companies, compliance scheme professionals and policy makers