So you want to be circular?


There is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity in the circular economy. By becoming less waste-full, companies can create significant value from cut costs, revenue growth and stronger market position.

The challenge is that it involves change. Often radical change.

This is where we help.


Creation Inn has identified 4 principles for successful circular development:


Look for waste

Waste is always bad. Not only in your company but also in your customer’s business or daily life. But where there’ s waste, there are also opportunities. Products left idle or under-used are all subjects to disruption if somebody come up with an acceptable alternative. 

If you look for, and find waste, you should do something about. Otherwise somebody else will.




Dare to be different

the way to fame is many times lonely and uncertain. To do what others don’t takes courage and determination. But it's needed. because real change requires you to act differently. A clear vision, solid data and early traction makes it significantly easier to keep up the spirit when leaps of faith are required.


Act like a startup

A successful startup master the techniques to use limited resources to develop a product just good enough to try out the concept, find an initial market of early users and to adapt to changes over time. That is exactly the kind of skills that are needed when launching a concept which might have very little to do about today’s way of making money.



See success in failure

No one wants to fail. Failure sucks. Unless you have tried to challenge your core business. Because if you tried and failed you now know how hard it is. You know what anyone that will challenge your business needs to go through and you are prepared.




Interested in how we can help you? We are working with both large and mid-sized corporations to develop circular strategies, as well as with startups with circular products and ideas. Check out more under Services.